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Chemical Peeling

Our skin represents the line of defense of the entire body as it protects it from the influence of external factors such as dust and bacteria, so it must be taken care of. 
And to make it lively, fresh, free from defects, to preserve it and our bodies, Nagem Center will present to you one of the most important technologies that is used to rejuvenate the skin and treat its defects and it is the chemical peeling technique or chemical peels. So we will now learn about this technique and what you can offer to our skin. 

    What is chemical peeling?

    Chemical peeling sessions are one of the non-surgical techniques that treat skin problems and can be performed on (face – hands – body). It works on skin renewal and rejuvenation by removing dead skin layers by putting some chemical solutions on 
    The skin that you peel off and create a new skin layer free that is free from defects.

    Who are the people who are not eligible for chemical peeling sessions of all kinds:

    1 – People who suffer from active skin diseases such as rashes, should be treated first before the sessions. 
    2 – People who suffer from skin infections and sun burns, it is not possible to perform the sessions for them until the completion of recovery, not to be exposed to skin irritation. 
    3- Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding 
    4- People with brown skin in case they want to maintain the same color of their skin, they will not be able to undergo chemical peeling sessions as it lightens the skin color. 

    Places that may be subject to chemical peeling And any of the previously mentioned types that suit it?

    The face 

    The face can be subjected to all kinds of chemical peeling, and determining the type of peeling depends on the problem to be treated and the color of the skin 


    Two types of chemical peeling can be used (superficial or medium peeling), and which one of the two types is chosen according to the problem to be treated. 

    The body 

    The best type of chemical peeling for the body is the superficial peeling because it does not cause any damage to the skin and it can be used in any area, but if the surface chemical peeling is performed on the entire body, the peeling cannot be applied to the whole body in one session, but rather only 25% of the area will be treated at a time. 

    Steps to follow before a session of chemical peeling


    1 – You must first discuss the treatment plan with your doctor to determine the desired results. 
    2 – The attending physician will choose the type of peeling based on the condition to be treated. 
    3 – After determining the type of chemical peeling, the treating doctor will prescribe a daily routine that must be followed before the start of the sessions in order to protect skin from any damage and prepare it for sessions. 
    4 – Avoid removing hair from the area that will be subjected to treatment for at least two weeks before the session. 
    5 – Avoid using cosmetics and perfumes on the day of the session. 
    6- In the case of peeling sessions on the face, one must abstain from smoking and alcohol and stay up for long periods of time. 
    7 – Conducting a skin test in a small part of the area to be treated to ensure that the skin accepts the treatment methodology 

    Session duration and recovery period

    The session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes. As for the recovery period, it ranges from two weeks to a month. Within two weeks of the session time the skin begins peeling and the new skin layer appears. 

    After the session:

    1 – Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and use sunblock. 
    2 – Avoid using perfumes and cosmetics for at least a week after the session. 
    3 – Adhere to the daily routine that the doctor will prescribe, and inform them as soon as any abnormal symptoms occur.