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Dental Services

In Nagem, we also provide all dental services at the hand of experts in all disciplines of dentistry such as implantology, cosmetics, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, whilst using the best devices and machines. Our dentists have European experience with great skills, and the CEO, Dr. Ali Nagem has worked in Sweden for over 10 years.

Hollywood Smile

There are many factors that might influence your smile and make you unhappy ranging from a poor diet, medical problems, or teeth related issues that you kept ignoring that now have resulted in several unavoidable complications. However, all issues can be addressed to acquire a beautiful smile depending on your expectations and desires by several treatment options.

Teeth Whitening

Dark and stained teeth are considered to be one of the major problems that may damage the appearance of your smile and your confidence but it is one of the easiest problems to treat. The commonest procedure for treatment is whitening of teeth.

Teeth Scaling and polishing

There is nothing more attractive than a beautiful elegant smile that makes you look happy and young. To achieve that smile, you have to care for your oral health. The first step to achieving this is scaling and polishing of the teeth at your dentist every 6 months. The accumulation of plaque and calculus may result in gum disease and tooth decay resulting in many medical and dental issues that will need extensive treatment resulting in loss of time and money.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment There are many dental problems that might result in pain, not only on the surface of the tooth but that which extends to the inside nerve that may cause severe and intense pain. This nerve inside the tooth is known as the dental pulp and it is made of different tissues that has blood vessels nerve endings and this nerve transmits sensation such as feeling hot and cold foods and it is located in the heart of the tooth. Inside the roots where it is referred to as the root canal.

Dental Implants

Some people work and begin to look unhappy and look older than their years because of the unfortunate events that have led them to lose their teeth early on due to decay or trauma. They chose to do nothing to replace those missing teeth.

Teeth Crown

Nothing is better than a vibrant beautiful and healthy smile and achieving that has become possible for to the many latest technologies and advances in dentistry. All the advancements aim to give a healthy and vibrant smile and one of the important treatment options is :crowns and bridges.

Bridge Treatment

The loss of teeth doesn’t affect the only outside appearance and smile but also lead to many oral issues and systemic problems such as difficulty in chewing, speaking, impaction of other tissues, resorption of bone where the teeth has been lost and that is why many treatments are required to treat such problems. One of the most important treatments in cosmetic and restorative dentistry is dental bridges.

Dental Extraction

Usually permanent teeth after eruption are meant to last for a lifetime but there are some changes that might make us have to extract teeth to get rid of pain or a problem that might get exacerbated.