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Diet – Breaking down fats (Fat Freezing)


Having a slim and perfect body is a dream that many want to achieve, so some resort to following a strict diet or exercising with strenuous physical activities and sports to lose excess weight and reach an ideal body appearance. 
The realization of this dream is hindered by the nature of some people’s body, as sometimes there’s a higher tendency of the accumulation of stubborn fats in certain areas of the body where the body which is not capable of getting rid of it by known methods. 
But recently, it has become easy to get a slim body despite the presence of stubborn fats due to the emergence of modern technology, which is fat freezing. 

What is the freezing of fats ?

“Freezing Fat” or “Cool Sculpting” is considered one of the new technologies that have appeared. Recently in the world of cosmetology known by the scientific name “cryolipolysis.” 
It is a non-surgical cosmetic technique in which no surgery or anesthesia is used and without damage to the surrounding tissues and skin. 
The fat freezing technique works to break up stubborn fat tissue that cannot be eliminated by diet or sports, and it does not harm the surrounding tissue. 
It is not considered a solution to lose weight, but rather it aims to get rid of the fat accumulated in certain areas of the body, so it is considered to get rid of excess weight and obesity. A safe and secure alternative to liposuction 

How to make cryo technique or freeze fat


The fat freezing technology works to permanently eliminate stubborn fat tissue by focusing the device used on the desired body area. Fat is broken down, and then the fats are cooled in that area to minus degrees Celsius. 
After cooling and breaking down that fat tissue, your body naturally processes fats and removes these dead cells through biological processes naturally, thus eliminating fats easily and without surgery. 
The results of this technique are immediate and rapid, from the first session you will notice the difference, which usually does not take more than an hour. 
The results are noticed within a certain number of sessions to be agreed upon with the specialist doctor depending on the nature of the body and the area to be treated, however it usually takes 4 to 6 months to reach the final result after treatment. 

Conditions for cryolipolysis

Fat Freezing is a very safe, stubborn and effective technique, but it is not a solution to get rid of obesity, it aims to get rid of fat or a cure for the accumulated fat, which hinders obtaining an ideal weight or appearance, so it is suitable for everyone, but there are some cases that do not suit them and they are: 
• People who suffer from a weakened immune system, or have autoimmune diseases. 
• Women who are pregnant, or who want to become pregnant, or who are breastfeeding. 
• People with skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. 
• Those with relatively recent wounds in the area to be slimmed down. 
• People with insomnia 

Areas of the body suitable for fat freezing

Stubborn fats usually accumulate in certain areas of the body, which are the suitable areas for using the fat freezing technique or lipolysis. 
With cryo you will be able to notice immediate and effective results .. These areas are: 
• the abdomen 
• The waist and the surrounding area 
• The inner and outer parts of the thighs 
• Buttocks fat 
• Back and back fat 

Advantages of fat freezing technology

Although cryolipolysis is a modern technique in the world of aesthetic medicine, it is licensed by the American FDA and holds the European CE mark, because it has many advantages: 
• It works to break down fats and get rid of them without the need for surgery, needles or anesthesia. 
• Its results are fast, and you do not need a recovery period or a break after it, so you can continue your normal life after the session. 
• Eliminates stubborn fat cells completely, so those fats will not accumulate again with a proper diet. 
• Its results are immediate. From the first session, a reduction of 0-2 cm of the treated area can be noticed 
• It tightens the skin and reduces cellulite in the treated area .

Side Effects of Fat Freezing Technology


Cryolipolysis or fat melting is a completely safe procedure that does not have serious side effects. Some mild after effects can occur and their severity varies from person to person according to the nature of the body, but they are instantaneous symptoms that disappear on the same day after the session. Among these symptoms are: 

• Feeling of numbness in the treated area with slight redness of the skin. 
• Muscle tension in the treated area is similar to muscle tension when exercising. 
• In the case of sensitive skin, some people may feel a slight pain, but it quickly disappears after a few hours of the session.