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Filler Injection

Getting a perfect, flawless complexion is something everyone aspires to, and they always strive to achieve this through the use of cosmetic products or cosmetic treatments, and one of the cosmetic techniques that many resort to is filler injection. So it will be presented to you by the experts of Nagem Center. So you will have have all the information that you will need to know about the filler and its uses.

What is a filler?

Filler injection is one of the techniques used in skin care and treatment of its problems, as filler is a soft substance that is injected under the skin in a medium layer. This technique works to compensate the skin for the lack of collagen and fill the voids that occur as a result of the lack of the lipid layer in the skin and wrinkle removal and skin tightening. It has other uses such as enlarging or increasing the size of some areas of the face such as lips-cheeks-chin).

What are the materials used in filler injection?

Natural fats:

Filler injections that contain natural fats are completely safe, as these fats are extracted from some places in the human body 
Such as (the abdominal area or the buttocks area) and does not include any chemicals in its composition, but this type of filler injection is considered the least effective. These fats dissolve quickly, which leads to the need to repeat injections at short intervals. 

Hyaluronic acid:

It is considered one of the best options in filler injection and the most widely used the body as it easily accepts it as this substance occurs naturally in the body. 
Hyaluronic acid is responsible for transporting nutrients from the blood to the skin and it is found in abundance in the area around the eye, and the results last for 6 months to a year. 


One of the types of filler injection that treats deep wrinkles, but it is not preferred to use it due to the difficulty of removing it, which requires surgical intervention. 

Industrial polymer: 

This substance is manufactured from chemical compounds, but it is completely safe on the skin and it’s results last for more than a year and a half. 


One of the first materials that was used in filler injection, which is suitable for treating deep wrinkles in the skin, and results last for 4 to 6 months 

As for the types of filler injection:

There are two types:

Permanent filler:

The results last for long periods of up to two years and from the materials that are used in it (silicone or synthetic polymer)

Temporary filler:
The results last from 6 to 8 months, and one of the substances that are used in it is hyaluronic acid.
Our doctors at Nagem Center do not recommend a permanent filler procedure, because it can only be removed using surgery and cannot be repaired.

How does the session take place?

How to perform a filler injection session: 


1 – The treating physician examines the area that will be subjected to injection well, and the doctor may request several tests to choose the appropriate material to inject. 
2- The doctor applies an anesthetic cream to the injection area to avoid any discomfort from the needle 
3- Fillers are distributed in the treated area, using fine needles of various sizes, which are determined according to the density of the used filler. 
4 – The treating doctor massages the area that was injected to ensure that the filler is well distributed

Places that can be injected with fillers:

1 – Around the eye: 

The area around the eye is considered the most affected than the rest of the areas of the face that show wrinkles, and filler injections are used in the case of: 
-Fine lines or wrinkles in the under-eye area. 
-If your eye is sunken in, or outwardly. 
-Black halos. 
-Eye pockets or swollen eyelids. 
-Sagging eyebrow. 

2 – Lips: 

Filler injection is used to create a balance between the volume of the lips and the general appearance of the face and fill in the fine lines with it, and one of the best types of fillers to fill the lips is hyaluronic acid. 

3 – Modify the shape of the nose: 

Adjusting the shape of the nose and correcting it’s course is one of the important uses of the filler in a non-surgical way and its goal is to make the nose more balanced, proportional and upright. 

4 – Cheeks and a slim face: 

The filler works on filling the cheeks, sculpting the face and tightening the tresses, which works to highlight the shape of the cheek and give an aesthetic appearance to the face. 
Also, the use of fillers for the slim face, as it fills the sunken areas of the face. 

Features of filler injection

Fillers have many advantages that make them the ideal solution that many women resort to to treat various skin problems, including: 
1- Results are rapid, as the effect appears after the first session. 
2 – Filler sessions do not require complete anesthesia because it does not cause pain, but the attending physician may need to use a local anesthetic to avoid discomfort from needle puncture.

How to prepare for filler sessions?


1- The attending physician must be informed of any history of illness or medications being used to determine whether or not it is possible to undergo filler injection or not, and what is the appropriate type of filler for the health condition.
2 – The attending physician must do an allergy test to avoid any infections/inflammation after the injection.
3 – Avoid drinking alcohol 3 days before the session.

Habits to avoid after a filler session:

1 – Refrain from smoking or being with people who smoke immediately after the session, to avoid any side effects such as swelling. 
2-Abstain from alcoholic beverages for at least 24 hours. 
3 – Avoid traveling for at least a week after the session, because the air pressure in the plane can cause swelling or bruising. 
4- Avoid massaging the area that was subjected to injection because this may stir the filling material, which may cause them to move to unwanted areas. 
5 – Avoid violent sports for at least two weeks from the time of the session to avoid any damage. 
6- Refrain from sleeping on the area that was injected and that the face is not pressed against the pillow, but it is preferable to have the head position higher in order to avoid the occurrence of swelling of any areas.