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Hollywood Smile

There are many factors that might influence your smile and make you unhappy ranging from a poor diet, medical problems, or teeth related issues that you kept ignoring that now have resulted in several unavoidable complications. 
However, all issues can be addressed to acquire a beautiful smile depending on your expectations and desires by several treatment options.

What is the Hollywood Smile?


Hollywood Smile is a practical option to fix the teeth and get an amazing smile, designed specifically to match your facial profile better. The teeth are made to be very white, aligned in a perfect way, while taking into consideration the health of the gum and tissue around as they enhance the beauty of a smile.

Hollywood Smile has different names that people use like ‘veneers’ and the reason for this term is that the thickness of it is very fine covering only the outer surface. The common name of Hollywood Smile/Bollywood Smile is because most of the celebrities have a similar bright attractive smile.

This perfect smile can be achieved by several procedures to first treat the teeth and it can help to treat several other issues such as intrinsic strains, maloccluions, fixing crowded or spaced out teeth.

What are the cases that are suitable for Hollywood Smile?

Of course a patient needs to be of appropriate age to make the treatment decision and have all their permanent teeth in place with sufficient bone growth and most importantly to first stabilize the oral health by treating all gum and teeth related diseases to avoid any complications in future after treatment.

Uneven length and inclination of teeth

This creates an unpleasant and an uneven smile. Braces, veneers or even crowns and bridges can help restore a beautiful and healthy smile.

image1-1 (2)

Broken and Cracked teeth

When it is obvious and compromises a smile, veneers can be used to mask these imperfections to improve your look and get a Hollywood Smile.


Spaced out teeth

This is considered a major problem for the oral health which can be treated by braces or veneers.


Crowded and Mal-aligned teeth

Chances of plaque and bacterial accumulation is more and cleaning them becomes more challenging resulting in decay and gum diseases. So malaligned teeth can be corrected by veneers, braces or aligners


Missing teeth

When any tooth is missing or previously removed, the resulting space can affect the entire mouth. The neighbouring teeth may tilt into the space and create an uneven smile or cause gum disease. Replacement of these teeth by implants or bridges can restore a beautiful smile.


Stained and Discoloured teeth

Stained teeth that affect the smile are the easiest to correct with veneers. Whether it is outer or inner stains, simple options such as whitening or veneers can solve this issue.

Benefits of Hollywood Smile

Having a vibrant smile will obviously help you become more confident, bringing a positive impact on your social, emotional and psychological wellbeing. The most obvious advantages is

  1. A healthy smile
  2. Beautiful confident smile
  3. A very natural look matching your profile
  4. Improve resistance to stains and caries
  5. Have a 20 year life warranty with proper oral hygiene
  6. Protect the teeth from tooth wear and possibles erosion
  7. Almost immediate results with only few visits similar to whitening

Types of Hollywood Smile


Getting a healthy, fantastic and beautiful smile is a dream for many. A dream that can be made true by your dentist with a series of treatments depending on each patient and their teeth.

Whitening Treatment


The first step to getting a Hollywood Smile is teeth whitening. This is usually done in one visit, where the teeth are first cleaned and polished. Stains might arise from too much of caffeine intake, excessive sugar, acidic foods and nicotine.
A new technology for whitening is used that involves removing only the surface stains without removing any layers from the teeth and it has results that are long lasting from 18 mobths to 3 years as a maximum if the teeth are kept clean and toothbrushing is regular while avoiding any teeth staining foods.

Orthodontic Treatment


The main goal of orthodontic treatment is to get a Hollywood Smile by moving teeth that are tilted or malpositioned without affecting the tooth structure. By that, the bite is corrected and chewing in a correct way is made possible. This prevents future tooth wear and decay with a perfectly aligned smile at the end of treatment.
The average time for orthodontic treatment is 1 to 3 years depending on badly the teeth are malpositioned and how much movement is required. After the procedure, simple cleaning and a single whitening session can ensure wonderful results.

Teeth Crown


When the teeth are broken or badly decayed, it’s always better to have crowns. These are made from porcelain or zirconia which has high durability and strength. Crowns protect the broken teeth and prevent future damage.

Crowns are placed on teeth after they are trimmed slightly to accommodate the crown, and preparing the tooth by root canal if required. Impression molds are taken for the teeth and then a crown is placed and cemented. These crowns have a lifespan of 10 to 20 years after which they might be to get replaced.

Replacing Lost teeth ‘Implants’


The replacement of lost teeth by implants is considered an option to achieve a Hollywood Smile as this can make a smile balanced again.
In implant treatment, the doctors will place a screw like structure made of titanium which is biocompatible and after it integrates to the bone (normally takes 3 to 6 months) a final crown is placed on the tooth to finally give you your Hollywood Smile.

Gum Treatment


The gums and surrounding periodontal tissues are considered an integral part of the smile. Some people may have a gummy smile where much of the teeth is covered, or there’s a rather high lip line. Occasionally some pigmentation from smoking or racial pigmentation may alter the appearance of the gums. So improving the appearance is done thru Laser treatment to return the gums to their natural state. The excess is shaped and taken off and incase of pigments of melanin, the laser works on the surface to create a new bright pink healthy layer of gum flush with the teeth.