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Taking care of skin and caring for it is always at the top of our concerns, and with the continuous medical development, especially in the world of beauty, skin care is made possible with many techniques which are safe, and one of these techniques, which is most famous in the world of beauty, is Hydra-Facial. So, we will now learn about this technology and what it can offer in the field of skin and face care.

What is hydrafacial for the face?

The Hydra-Facial technology is considered one of the best techniques and the most famous to obtain flawless fresh skin without blemishes. Achieved with no surgical intervention , and this is done in 3 stages :
– The first stage: in this stage, peeling and cleaning of the skin is done in order to reach the pores so that all the oil, impurities and dead skin can be removed.
– The second stage: In this stage, the skin is injected with a quantity of serum, which contains a collection of vitamins and acids that in turn, moisturizes the skin and prepares it for the final stage.
– The last stage: In this stage, all the oil and dead skin are extracted from the pores of the skin by using a safe tool similar to a vacuum and then the skin is rejuvenated with a supply of antioxidants and peptides in order to give it brightness and freshness.

Hydra-Facial Advantages: 

1- The session duration does not exceed 30 minutes.
2- Hydra-Facial is a safe, non-invasive technique that does not cause any pain.
3- You do not need a recovery period, as soon as the session is finished, you can leave the clinic and go about your normal life.
4- It gives noticeable immediate results.
5 – suitable for all skin types and all ages.

When to use Hydra-Facial?

1 – Peeling and cleaning the skin.
2- Treat acne scars and scars.
3 – Treat skin pigmentation and unify skin color.
4 – Remove wrinkles and sagging from the skin.
5 – Removing dead skin from the inner layers.
6- Reducing the secretion of oils, which are the main cause of the appearance of pimples and black and white heads.
7 – Protect the skin from dehydration and work on moisturizing it.

What happens in the Hydra-Facial session? 


1 – The treating physician cleans the skin well and exposes it to steam to sterilize it and rid it of impurities and dust. 2 – Peeling the skin, and this is done by injecting it with a serum suitable for the type of skin and usually contains antioxidants and a composition of acids such as hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid. 3 – The treating doctor cleans the pores and rid them of fat and dead skin by using a suction vaccuum device. 4 – The skin is then moisturized and massaged, which helps stimulate collagen production to regenerate cells and increase the freshness of the skin. 

What are the instructions that I should follow after the ?


1- Avoid washing the skin with any lotion or toner for at least 12 hours after the session. 
2 – Avoid direct sunlight, and a sunscreen cream should be used, preferably containing zinc oxide. 
3 – Stop using cosmetics for at least 24 hours. 
4- Avoid using products that contain retinol for at least 3 days. 
5 – Avoid using products containing glycolic acid or AHA for at least a week. 
6- Avoid peeling the skin for 3 days after the session, due to the increased sensitivity of the skin. 
7 – Avoid steaming sessions or massaging the skin for at least a week, because that may lead to skin inflammation and the appearance of pimples. 
8 – You must adhere to the daily routine that will be determined by the physician or therapist 

Who are not eligible to use Hydra-Facial technology?


Despite the wide popularity that Hydra-Facial sessions have achieved in the cosmetic field, and although it is one of the safest techniques,there are some people for whom this treatment is contraindicated and they are: 
1 – People who suffer from active skin diseases such as rashes, these should be treated first before the sessions. 
2 – People who suffer from skin infections and sun burns, it is not possible to perform the sessions for them until the completion of recovery, not to be exposing the skin to more irritation. 
3 – Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, because some acids used in the injection, such as salicylic acid, have not been deemed safe to be used on pregnant and lactating women. 
Other than to the aforementioned cases, skin care using the Hydra-Facial technology is suitable for all skin types as well suitable for all ages. 
It is sufficient for the attending physician to be fully aware of the type of skin that is subject to treatment and the extent of skin sensitivity in order to be able to reach the desired results without damaging the skin.

Some common questions received from our clients:


1- Can Hydra-Facial sessions be performed during pregnancy and breastfeeding? 

Hydra-Facial sessions are completely safe for health and no scientific studies have proven otherwise, but doctors and therapists at Nagem Center don’t recommend conducting Hydra-Facial sessions during pregnancy and lactation, and it is preferable to wait until the end of this period.

2- What is the number of sessions that must be conducted to reach satisfactory results? 

Determining the number of sessions depends on the nature of the problem being treated. In some cases, it takes only one session to obtain satisfactory results.
In some other conditions, such as treatment for acne, for example, it might take 6 to 8 weeks.

3- Does skin type lead to any change in the Hydra-Facial? Is it suitable for all skin types? 

Certainly yes, as the attending physician selects the components of the serum that will be injected into the skin after knowing the skin type and extent of the skin sensitivity, which is also suitable for all skin types and all ages, with the exception of people who suffer from rashes, sun burns or eczema.

4- Is the Hydra-Facial session painful? 

A HydraFacial session is completely painless. It is considered as a massage or skin massage session.

5- Are Hydra-Facial sessions suitable for men? 

Skin care and treatment of its defects is not limited to women only, so the Hydrafacial sessions are suitable for men as well.