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Our faces are what gives the first impression of us, so the emergence of facial or skin problems is a matter that bother us a lot and the problems that emerge with it. Whether due to incorrect eating habits or aging, which in turn leads to the appearance of wrinkles, and all this affects freshness and vitality of skin, but with the continuous development in the medical field, especially in the world of cosmetics, more than one solution has been found to treat skin problems. One of these solutions that achieved great success is Mesotherapy, so we will now know what is mesotherapy and its importance for the skin.

What does mesotherapy consist of ?


Mesotherapy consists of a group of vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants that help to regenerate cells and stimulate collagen production, which works to treat wrinkles and restore freshness to the skin, and this is done by using fine needles that work on delivery of these components to the middle layer of the skin. 
One of the most important advantages of mesotherapy technology is that it is a non-surgical procedure and there are no side effects, but it is possible that some redness and swelling may accompany the injection process and disappear within 48 hours after the session. 

What are the cases that Mesotherapy treats?

1- Removing facial wrinkles, whether the wrinkles are in the forehead area or around the eyes, mouth and nose 
2- Dark circles around the eyes. 
3 – Treat dry skin and moisturize it. 
4 – Lighten the skin and treat melasma and skin pigmentation. 
5 – Treatment of acne scars. 
6 – Treat wide pores, which prevents the accumulation of sebum and impurities on the skin. 
7 – Treatment of sagging skin in the abdomen and buttocks area. 
8 – Cellulite treatment and skin cracks and stretch marks. 
9 – Treat the problem of double chin and thin face. 
10 – Body sculpting and melting fats. 
11 – Treatment of hair loss cases. 
12 – Work to increase collagen production, which may decrease significantly after the age of 30. 

What to do before and after mesotherapy session

1 – The doctor will inquire about the patient history in order to be able to determine the materials to be used in the injection and their quantities. 
2 – Stop taking medicines that cause blood thinning before and after the session for a period of not less than 72 hours. 
3 – Avoid contact of water or cosmetics to the area that will be injected before and after the session for a period of 15 hours 

What happens in the session and how long is it?

The treating physician must, before the start of the session, explain the steps of the session, its duration, and the results that we will obtain for the patient even 
the patient feels confident and reassured, so now we will explain to you the steps of a mesotherapy session: 


1 – The doctor applies a local anesthetic to the area where the session will be conducted in order to avoid discomfort from needle penetration. 
2 – The doctor injects the area to be treated using fine needles that reach different depths of the skin layers that the doctor determines depending on the condition to be treated. The injection depth usually reaches (1-4 mm from the skin surface). 

-As for the duration of one session, it takes from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. This is determined according to the patient and the size of the area that will be treated.

How many sessions? What is the period between each session? And when do the results begin to appear ?


First: Regarding the number of sessions, they range from 3 to 15 sessions, which are determined according to (the condition being treated – the extent of the response to the treatment)


Second: The time difference between each session, the treating physician determines the time difference between each session, according to the treated condition, but it is usually 7 to 10 days in the first sessions and after that the time between each session may be a month.


Third: When will the results of the sessions start to appear varies, in some cases the results appear immediately after the first session and there are other cases that start to show results after the third session, and this is determined according to the patient’s age, skin structure, and the problem being treated.

People who are not eligible for mesotherapy session:


1 – Pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding. 
2 – Those under the age of 18. 
3 – People with skin infections such as (psoriasis). 
4- Patients with heart disease or those taking heart medication. 
5 – Patients with cancer, and immune-related diseases. 
6- People who have had a stroke or blood clots. 
7 – People who suffer from diabetes.