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Teeth Crown

Teeth Crown

Nothing is better than a vibrant beautiful and healthy smile and achieving that has become possible for to the many latest technologies and advances in dentistry. All the advancements aim to give a healthy and vibrant smile and one of the important treatment options is :crowns and bridges.

Cases that require fixed restorations

An unhealthy look may destroy the appearance of your smile and shake your confidence, many adults suffer issues with their teeth and that is why some may require this treatment as an option to restore the teeth and get a beautiful smile.The cases that may require crowns/bridges are the following :

  • Incase of loss or extraction of one tooth or more.

  • The presence of fracture or cracks in one or several teeth.

  • To protect the teeth that have cracks or decay, crowns or bridges may be placed to prevent loss of those teeth.

  • The presence of dark stains that may cause the tooth to look abnormal.

Crowns on Teeth

Crowns on Teeth Crowns are considered one of the oldest techniques in esthetics and restorative dentistry. It’s also known as capping or cover, and it is basically a cover that is placed over the tooth to protect it. This can be done to protect the tooth from further loss or to restore it from the damage it has already undergone. It also helps to restore the tooth functionality.

Advantages of crowns on teeth

Crowns are unique for their advantages that make it the commonest esthetic and restorative treatment procedure, The most important features are :

  • They help to restore and fix the damage on teeth that have resulted from cracks, fracture, discolouration or decay. You will have teeth that look natural and free from discrepancies to make your smile more beautiful and help regain your confidence.

  • Crowns protect the teeth that have been broken or worn away as of also stabilises the weak teeth in the dentition.

  • It helps to replace teeth that have been lost due to disease or trauma.

  • It is used as an adjunct in other treatment such aa bridges and the implants. It replaces natural teeth due to the strong resemblance.

  • It can replace teeth lost as a result of poor habits such as smoking or calcium deficiencies.

Types of Crowns
Ratnig Crowns


These are the cheapest crowns as compared to other types. It doesn’t last long and it quickly gets damaged and fractures with time.
Crowns Porcelain


Porcelain crowns are made of porcelain that is closest to natural teeth as they can be used in anterior and posterior teeth. It’s considered a little more expensive and it is more suitable for people with metal allergies.
Porcelain crowns that are fused with metal


These types of crowns are metal guitars to porcelain. The outer being porcelain and the inner is metal that is resistant to corrosion. This type of crown unites the beauty and natural look of porcelain and the strength and resistance of metal. The only drawback is the possibility of the metal rim of the crown to
show at the edge of the gum, appearing as a dark line that becomes more obvious incase of gum recession.
Metal crowns


Metal crowns are considered the oldest type of crowns that have been used in dentistry and usually it is used in cases where there is permanent to damage to protect the damaged teeth. These types of crowns are resistant to corrosion, made of steel, titanium, platinum and gold and these are usually in lesser in cost comparatively but the colour changes with time, so it is better to be used in posterior teeth that are not visible within the smile.