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Teeth Whitening

Dark and stained teeth are considered to be one of the major problems that may damage the appearance of your smile and your confidence but it is one of the easiest problems to treat. The commonest procedure for treatment is whitening of teeth.

What is staining of teeth?

Staining of teeth is the change in colour that results in yellowing or darkening of the tooth surface. This darkening maybe intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic stains happen within the surface of the tooth and this is when the enamel itself changes colour to become Yellow or Grey because of the the bacteria that penetrates the inside through the surface pores. Extrinsic stains happen on the outer enamel layer that may appear as superficial lines or spots that stain.

Several factors may result in teeth staining :

– Poor oral hygiene – Smoking – Drinking foods that cause stains such as coffee, red wine, berry juice, soft drinks – some tooth wear diseases that affect the enamel – certain medications.But in all cases options exist to whiten the teeth to return them back to their normal appearance.

Teeth Whitening

This is a procedure that is considered esthetic and one of the most popular way of treating stained or discolored teeth. This treatment is commonly done as it is cheaper, with immediate results and gives you a beautiful, vibrant, natural, white smile.

What are the teeth whitening options ?

Teeth whitening depends on “peroxide”, which is an ingredient found in most teeth whitening products in varying proportions. It works to break up stains and stains to leave your teeth whiter and lighter in color.

Bleaching may not be suitable for all tooth stains, as it is suitable for yellowing of the teeth, but brown or gray teeth may not respond at all to bleaching, and it is not suitable for dark teeth due to some medications or dental problems.
Also, some teeth are sensitive, so before bleaching is performed, the dentist should examine your teeth and gums to make sure that there are no infections or problems that may hinder the whitening procedure or may cause harmful side effects to you and your teeth.

After discussing the state of your teeth and gums with your dentist you can decide upon the most suitable way for whitening that will allow you to get the desired results.

Whitening can be divided into several types


Whitening by plasma

One of the latest techniques that is used in whitening is using plasma light and this is a safe and effective procedure that is done without instruments or cleaning that is normally done by the dentist.The significance of this procedure is that it is completely safe on the tooth enamel and it gives immediate results that can last for many years as long as good oral hygiene is maintained. This technique uses plasma light to clean and whiten the teeth. A special glasses is worn by the patient to cover the eyes to prevent the light from reaching the eyes. Similarly, the gums are covered by a gum protector.

Teeth whitening by laser

Using laser or light is considered the most common technique for teeth whitening because it results in immediate effects that will be observed from the first visit. Furthermore, it has no side effects or cause sensitivity, although it might not be suitable for patients that have history of gum disease or cracks within the tooth, severe infection or other chronic conditions such as diabetes. Its also contraindicated in patients below 18 years and in pregnant women.

This procedure is done by placing a gum protector and placing the whitening gel of low peroxide concentration on the teeth. Followed by the light for a period of 15 to 30 minutes, the laser will react with the whitening gel resulting in lightening of the teeth and this can be observed by the end of the session.


Whitening by ZOOM Technology

The latest method of whitening is by laser that does not cause any pain or side effects, furthermore, it gives immediate results that will be noticeable from the first whitening session and will last for a long time. This technique involves the dentist placing hydrogen peroxide Gel on the teeth and then directing the zoom machine light on the teeth for a period of 15 minutes. This helps to lighten the stains and penetrate the pores helping to get rid of bacteria and stains and within 3 whitening sessions, a distinct improvement to will be seen. This results in a beautiful fantastic smile. This technique can remove all kinds of stains and it is completely safe causing no pain or sensitivity to the teeth and gums.
teeth whitening

Normal teeth whitening

This is considered the oldest and commonest way of whitening and it is done in two steps.-Step 1: The dentist will clean and polish the teeth and remove any accumulated plaque and calculus along with superficial stains.-Step 2: The dentist will take Impressions of the teeth to make whitening trays that match the exact shape of the teethof the patient. These trays are then used with a whitening material that will come in contact with the surface of the teeth when the trays are worn. This is considered as home whitening that is done and controlled by the patient to reach the desired results.

How can you maintain the teeth whitening results?

The results for whitening is different from one person to another according to the health of the teeth and the amount of stains initially. The results obtained can be maintained by following these tips :

  1. Stay away from foods that might cause staining such as berries, pomegranates, and some other liquids like coffee tea and have habits such as smoking.
  2. Eat healthier foods that improve the strength of the teeth and reduce their sensitivity such as fruits and vegetables.
  3. Take extra care of your oral health with routine cleaning with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste twice a day, flossing frequently and using an appropriate mouthwash.
  4. Visiting your dentist regularly to check the health of the teeth and avoid any resulting decay.