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Face Carbon Laser

Getting a healthy, fresh skin free from defects is what everyone strives for, so we will now learn about one of the techniques that is used for treating many skin defects, it is the carbon laser technology.

What is carbon laser technology?

Carbon laser technology, or as it is called “Hollywood peeling,” is one of the ways through which we can obtain healthy and fresh skin. It works to exfoliate the skin and rid it of any impurities and contribute to stimulating collagen production, which works to regenerate skin cells. This is done by covering the skin completely with a mask containing carbon particles and leaving it for about half an hour or until it dries. After that a laser beam of different wavelengths is passed onto the skin and this beam heats up the particles of carbon and deepen into the pores, causing carbon atoms to stick to dead skin cells and accumulated dirt, and then these are removed. The layer with all the impurities and dead cells it bears, returns the skin its freshness, and the heat resulting from the laser heating of carbon atoms stimulates collagen and increases its production, thus completely renewing the skin cells and reducing the signs of wrinkles.

Advantages of the carbon

1- Carbon laser sessions are painless and do not require anesthesia. 
2- It has no side effects. 
3 – Immediately after the session ends, it is possible to return to daily life, meaning that we do not need a rest period after the session. 
4 – The results of the session are considered immediate results. After the session ends, we will notice the difference in the freshness and texture of the skin.

Areas that can be treated by carbon laser sessions:

Carbon laser technology is suitable for all areas of the body and all types of skin, (whether normal, sensitive or mixed skin). 
The reason for this is that it is a completely safe method and there are no side effects or damage, but most areas of the body that are subject to sessions of carbon laser and achieve impressive results is the face area, so we will now learn about the benefits of carbon peeling of the face and the cases that it can treat. 

Cases treated by carbon laser


1 – Treat wide pores, which prevents the accumulation of sebum and impurities on the skin. 
2- Skin lightening and pigmentation treatment. 
3 – Get rid of dead cells and pimples, which will restore the skin’s radiance. 
4 – Treatment of acne scars. 
5 – Remove traces of tattoos and traces of scars and burns. 
6- Treating and removing birthmarks. 
7 – Reducing excess sebum in the skin 
8- Exfoliate the skin and clean it of dead skin and impurities. 
9- Stimulate collagen production, which helps to regenerate skin cells and remove wrinkles 

How does the session work?

1- The attending physician applies anesthetic cream used in some cases to avoid the sensation of laser stings as a result of skin contact and this is left for 10 minutes, and after that apply an equal layer of cream made of carbon atoms for half an hour. 
2- It passes a long wave laser beam on the skin that heats the carbon atoms until they reach the depth of the pores. 
3 – Then the doctor or therapist passes a short wave laser beam that works to capture carbon atoms after they stick to the impurities and dead cells to get rid of it, and the average session time from 45 to 60 minutes approximately.

What to do before the laser session:

1 – Avoid taking blood-clotting medications and nutritional supplements such as vitamin (E) at least 10 days before the session. 
2- Refrain from using any products that contain retinoids 
3 – Abstain from smoking for 15 days before the session. 
4 – Not to be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time at least two weeks before the session 

What to do after the laser session:

1 – Not to be exposed to the sun and it is preferable to use a sunblock 
2- Moisturizing the skin daily after the session 
3 – Avoid places that do not have good ventilation. 
4 – Adhere to the medicines or ointments that the treating doctor will prescribe to avoid any skin irritation. 
5 – Avoid using cosmetics. 
6 – Avoid some sports activities such as swimming to avoid catching any infection. 

People who cannot do carbon peeling sessions

1 – People who suffer from diabetes. 
2 – Cases of patients that suffer from any bacterial infection in the face. 
3 – Patients that suffer from large cracks in the face or wounds that have not healed. 
4 – Patients that take oral isotretinoin 

– Therefore, before undergoing a carbon laser session, the treating doctor must be informed of any relevant medical history of patients or medications being used to avoid any damages and making sure that undergoing carbon laser sessions is appropriate for the health status of the patient. 

When do results begin to appear? 

The emergence of the results of the sessions depends on the case that is being treated. Some cases start their results appearing from the first session, such as cases related to skin pigmentation, and some cases may show results after the third session, such as treating acne problems.

How many sessions will you undergo? 

In most cases, it may require 6 to 7 sessions to obtain the desired results, and the sessions will take place at a time gap period, usually a session is conducted at most one or two sessions during one month, and this is determined according to the condition that will be treated.

Are carbon laser sessions painful and need anesthesia? 

Carbon laser sessions do not require complete anesthesia, but there is no objection to using a local anesthetic for some cases that are bothered by skin contact with laser. 

What is the best time to start carbon laser sessions? 

Carbon laser sessions should be preferably avoided in summer time, due to the intensity and strength of the radiation of the sun at this time, which may damage the skin.