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HIFU technology to remove wrinkles on the face and neck

Many women suffer from factors of aging, fatigue, and early signs of aging due to their daily and rapid routine of life.
The latest non-surgical cosmetic technology in the world of aesthetics that appeared recently is HIFU for face and neck lift, it is a curative technique.
It aims to restore vitality and youth to the skin, giving it a smooth and bright appearance and tightening its wrinkles. So we will now learn

What is HIFU face lift technique?

It is a cosmetic technique approved by the “FDA” organization, by which ultrasound waves are transmitted using 3 types of probes to different depths of the skin layers, in order to heat the skin and raise its temperature to 60 degrees Celsius for a period not exceeding one second, which leads to tightening the sagging of the face and neck because of its effect on the outer layer of the ligaments and tendons and masking wrinkles. By stimulating the collagen production process, which works to regenerate skin cells and restore their freshness, which are lost with age (can be used on – chest – abdomen – buttocks), it gives immediate results. Also in places other than the face and neck (such as the arm) all can be noticed after the first session.

Advantages of HIFU


1- The session is carried out by using ultrasound waves that allow you to see the damaged tissues clearly, thus ensuring a better result outcome. 
2 – The results of HIFU sessions are close to the results of surgical procedures in tightening sagging face and neck, so it is considered a suitable alternative for those who have contraindications from surgical procedures. 
3 – You do not need a recovery period, as immediately after the session, you can return to the normal life. 
4 – The sessions are painless because they only depend on raising the temperature of the skin and do not require injections.

How is the HIFU session performed?

1 – The treating physician examines the area that will be subjected to treatment to determine the sensor that is appropriate for the case. 
2 – The doctor cleans the skin. 
3 – Apply a local anesthetic to avoid heat discomfort 
4 – Ultrasound is directed to the area to be treated to raise its temperature in order to stimulate collagen and tighten the skin. 


Number and duration of sessions:

– The number of sessions is determined according to the condition to be treated and the region. For example, to treat the face or neck, we may need one or two sessions, but to treat other places in the body, we may need 5 or 7 sessions, provided that the time difference between each session is a month to rest the skin and for follow-up. The results will then determine the number of remaining sessions. 
– The duration of the session is from 30 to a maximum of 45 minutes. 

Cases treated by HIFU technology?


1 – Treat wrinkles and the effects of aging.
2 – Black circles and bags under the eyes.
3- Lifting and tightening the cheeks.
4- Modify the lower jaw line.
5 – Eyelid lift.
6- Sagging neck skin.
7- Treat the double chin problem.
8- Treat post-pregnancy sagging in all parts of the body

When do HIFU sessions become harmful and should be avoided ?

Despite HIFU being completely safe, and although it does not have any side effects, but there are some cases that it must be avoided until the case is treated first, and it is: 


1 – People who installed metal supports. 
2- People who have recently injected Botox. 
3 – Women during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. 
4 – The presence of recent wounds in the area that will be subjected to treatment, they must wait until they heal. 
5- People who take anticoagulants. 
6- Cases that suffer from bleeding disorders . 
7 – People who have a lot of fats in the area that will be treated. 

What is the appropriate age to conduct HIFU sessions?

The most appropriate age for HIFU sessions is from 40 to 50 years, because at this time, the aging process begins to leave it’s marks on our face. The skin begins to lose its youthfulness and vitality, and wrinkles begin to appear. 

Tips on how to preserve your HIFU results for a long time:

Maintaining the results that HIFU sessions will achieve for a longer period is simple and is as follows: 


1 – Drink two liters of water throughout the day, to replenish your complexion. 
2- Doing skin-tightening exercises to maintain its elasticity and firmness. 
3 – Moisturizing the skin with natural ingredients, such as cucumber and yogurt. 
4 – Take care to eat a healthy and balanced diet, while increasing your intake of foods that contain vitamins and minerals. 

Following these steps will preserve your health as well, not just the results of the HIFU sessions.